About us

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Our story...

Stellar Garlands is the original Storytelling Garland creator with the first handcrafted garland created in 2016. It is currently the only company in the UK, possibly the world, to create such specialised, storytelling garlands. Each fabulous garland tells a person’s story in a wonderfully positive and loving way.

Stellar Garlands has over 40 years of experience of creating stunning Christmas décor, with the last 5 years also creating specialised storytelling creations. We listen with love to your wishes, needs and dreams. We are totally inspired by your incredible journey to the present day, by who you are, and who you are still becoming. It truly needs to be shared and seen.

Stella – founder of Stella Garlands
Stella – founder of Stellar Garlands (Andy Lynch Photography www.andylynch.co.uk)

The Storytelling Garland can be beautifully adapted for any celebration, contribution or even business, as they can tell the story of any lifeline, or even any other story if you prefer.

We also create stunning, non-storytelling, made-to-measure garlands, table-centrepieces and wreaths. These are just as lovingly handmade with the same attention to detail as our Storytelling Garland Brand. Please do contact us for more details.

If you would like a non-customised version, then there are a selection of these readily available for your instant happiness in our shop. Here’s a quick link to see:

Visit our online shop for alternative inspired possibilities.

We like to focus our loving attention to detail on just a few extra-special creations a year. So with many very happy clients thus far, we feel we are delivering on what we promise. 

A fairy-tale celebration that will last for years to come. 

And here’s little more…

Stellar Garlands was founded by Stella, through art therapy as a way of dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. Well…who wouldn’t feel cheered up with a little sparkle and twinkle? 

And so the Stellar Garland story continues…