Made-to-Measure Garlands

Inspired by you

We truly get it!

You don’t want a decoration like everyone has. Understandable. You are You and you are different.

And we also get the losing the will to live, especially after tracking down those almost unobtainable decorations, only to find the colours don’t match, and the carefully thought out theme somehow clashes. So you are left with your beloved envisioned dream of the most incredible celebratory décor sitting forlornly at the bottom of the box. Unrealised. 

It’s demoralizing and frustrating, especially after all the time it has taken you to get here, using precious time which you could have spent with family and friends celebrating. To add insult to injury, those that were supposedly helping you have quite simply, just disappeared. Your most perfect celebrations may not be going to plan as you had hoped, and you are exhausted from a busy life as it is. You may be thinking of giving up…but that’s what we are here for.
And we don’t just handcraft garlands. We also specialise in table centrepieces, wreaths and other décor too.

Let us help you survive the celebration race to decorate…with the best and fastest results.

All that is left for you to do is to excitedly display…and celebrate!

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